Why Breakfast Is Important For Weight Loss

Some people must eat first thing when they wake up. Others like to wake up slowly and eat an hour or two later. Much of this is due to habit, hunger signals and even satiety hormones. As a general rule, breakfast is pretty important for weight loss.

Breakfast Important For Weight Loss

Weight Maintenance
It has been shown that people who regularly eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight. One study even showed that women who ate eggs for breakfast consumed less total calories throughout the course of the day during a weight loss study. By setting up your day with a satiating breakfast you will be less tempted to reach for office treats that “3 pm” snack, or mindlessly overeat later in the day.

Hormonal Regulation
While you sleep your body does a lot of repair and detoxification work. Hunger and satiety hormones also have daily patterns that correlate with these processes. A nutritious and balanced breakfast helps you regulate key hormones like leptin, grehlin, and cortisol. These are the key hormones in maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day.

Getting leptin and ghrelin working properly is critical to having a healthy relationship to food and weight maintenance. One way to start your weight loss journey is to eat a healthy, filling breakfast with protein and fat within about an hour of waking.

What To Eat
The only thing you have to have for breakfast is a breakfast that works for you. It may take a little time and some trial and error to find your breakfast groove but a good rule of thumb is to find a breakfast that combines protein and healthy fats with a little fruit or vegetable.

Here are a few breakfast ideas to help you start your day off with a nutritious meal:
– Breakfast smoothies are fast to make, nutritious and satisfying.
– Eggs are a Paleo staple. Try making easy paleo egg muffins or a filling egg, ham and vegetable
frittata that you can prepare ahead of time and enjoy for a few days.
– Paleo Strawberry Pancakes are a fun treat and are sure to convince even the most suspicious or picky eaters that Paleo eating is enjoyable and delicious.
– Last night’s leftovers are a great and quick way to have a healthy breakfast.
– If coffee is your breakfast of choice, a coffee with healthy medium chain triglycerides and healthy fats from coconut oil and grass fed butter will keep you energized all morning.

easy healthy recipes for weight loss

Finding the best breakfast recipes for you may take a little experimentation, but you will know you have hit your breakfast stride when your morning meal leaves you energized and ready to tackle the day.

Source: Ultimate Paleo Guide

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